Nexus Discovery Advisors


Preclinical & Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery

Preclinical Due Diligence

•Identify and evaluate drug targets, small molecules, therapeutic approaches and project workflows

•Perform competitive analysis (e.g. prior art analysis, IP positions) and determine the optimal use of R&D resources

•Detailed research into existing literature and current state of the science to inform clients on potential paths forward

•Utilize our network of trusted CRO partners to rapidly reproduce and validate data for potential in-licensed assets

•Careful and critical review of data for potential in-licensing, investment and company formation efforts

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Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry

In addition to advising clients on efficient utilization of their onsite resources, we help identify, coordinate and manage outsourcing and CROs to accomplish strategic milestones and rapid progression from early stage through preclinical development.

We focus on a Core Set of Drug Discovery Tenets:

Project workflow: Listen to client goals and discuss workflow; Detect project progression issues and work with our client to fill those gaps

Hit triage and ID: Implementation of counter-screens, design of secondary assays and assessment of chemical tractability/novelty

Medicinal chemistry: Hit-to-lead, lead-optimization and synthetic route scouting; all with a focus on novel IP space

Parallel optimization of compounds for bioactivity, selectivity, and ADME/DMPK properties

Target engagement and biophysical assays: Including CETSA, SPR, ITC and mechanism of action studies

X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM: Structure-based design and support for medicinal chemistry

Lead profiling: Early ADME, PK, hERG, AMES, CYPs, off-target selectivity panels)

Proof-of-concept models: In vivo or patient samples

Clinical Candidate Nomination: Using all of the data gathered we work with the client to identify the optimal compound for advancement to IND-enabling studies

Custom Experiments: E.g. prodrug design and implementation, custom biology & ADME assays specific for certain diseases & tissue exposure

Preclinical Drug Discovery Consultants helping with Science, business and medicinal chemistry strategy

Strategy, Project Management, and Workflow optimization.

•Implement tactical strategies in assay design & workflow, medicinal chemistry, target engagement, biophysical studies and in vivo experiments

•Evaluate need for external and outsourced services (e.g. ADME, PK, efficacy models, toxicity, etc.) that complement your internal capacities and resources

•Identify and engage quality and cost-effective Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and other‎ vendors

•Provide CRO project management (e.g. timelines, study design, in vivo studies, chemical syntheses, etc.) and price negotiation strategies

•Help with building an interdisciplinary team with the crucial expertise required for recognizing and achieving key scientific and business goals

•Strategies to develop and protect novel composition of matter and intellectual property space

•Identify and coordinate both non-dilutive and dilutive funding opportunities as needed