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Nexus Discovery Advisors

Helping clients in all aspects of preclinical drug discovery


Preclinical Drug Discovery Solutions

Tailored to Fit our Clients' Needs

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Due Diligence


Deep dive into small molecule asset background, existing data and plans for progression. We exhaustively research literature, patents and competition to provide a full landscape for in-licensing, out-licensing or partnering deals.

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Decades of combined experience in hit-to-lead, lead-optimization and candidate selection. We are well-versed in hit validation & selection, full SAR-campaigns, and lead profiling.

Project Management, Strategy and Workflow Optimization.

We work with clients to understand their needs; identify efficient and cost-effective CROs, provide project management and leadership, and optimize workflow towards key milestones and inflection points. 


Successful progression of small molecule drug discovery programs benefits from early integration of a multidisciplinary team of scientists. The founders of Nexus Discovery Advisors have over 20 combined years of experienced operating in this capacity as medicinal chemistry group leaders focused on hit ID, lead optimization and candidate selection. Whether you need guidance with overall project strategy and workflow, medicinal chemistry, CRO identification and management, patent and IP strategy or grant writing and fundraising, Nexus Discovery Advisors can help!


Mission Statement

Nexus Discovery Advisors was founded with the passion to help biotechnology companies, academia and non-profit organizations navigate all aspects of early stage drug discovery and preclinical work. Through detailed diligence, we provide innovative solutions, strategic planning and guidance from project inception to proof of concept and candidate selection. The advantage of Nexus Discovery Advisors is our team first philosophy that delivers an unwavering commitment and drive to achieve our clients’ objectives.


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